Families and Children...

It's true...babies don't keep and memories fade with time. Family portraits; forever captured giggles, kisses, spins, and snuggles last a lifetime and more. So that you remember every chubby baby roll, the way your daughter looked at you when you could still solve all of her problems...so your children remember how much mom and dad loved each other. 

Mother lifts her smiling baby into the air on a sunny fall day.
Mother and father sit with their smiling baby on a cream colored quilt in the fall sunshine.
Dad and infant son smile during their time together on a sunny fall day.
Mom and Dad gaze lovingly at their smiling infant son in Dad's arms.
Grandparents hold their infant grandson who is very happy to be with them.
Grandma holds her infant grandson while Grandpa kisses his cheek.
Six month old baby boy Graham sitting for his portraits on a cream colored quilt in a patch of fall sunshine.

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