Wrapping up the month of january with some food for my soul

Elisabeth and Jesus traveled all the way from Antioch this past Sunday for their maternity session with me.

Elisabeth had ordered this gorgeous pink gown just for her session, and they had stopped along the way to get Jesus a button up to wear with his khakis. As soon as they got out of the car, I just loved the way their outfits complimented each other.

I quickly learned what an absolutely amazing couple they are. They trusted all my ideas without a blink ;) They tolerated all my rambling about how absolutely amazing everything was. The late afternoon light was just drool worthy, and they were in the perfect little pocket of it. They are really in love, which makes me giddy. I know they are going to make amazing parents together. Best of all, I get to photograph their new baby girl when she arrives 😍

Elisabeth and Jesus, y'all are amazing. I loved every minute of our times together. These images are literally so beautiful I want to print them for my own wall!