a bustling saturday afternoon in downtown nashville

After a crazy start to the weekend of snow and ice Friday, Saturday blessed us with some beautiful and much needed sunshine. While still a bit chilly, it was a perfect afternoon to make some magic in Nashville. Katie had come to me for a fall portrait session this past year, and I was very excited to work with her again. She is truly such a warm soul that radiates goodness in her presence. She is beautiful beyond belief!!

12th Ave S.

If you haven't visited this area of Nashville, I'm here to tell you it's a must. From the beautiful murals to the adorable boutiques and tasty looking restaurants, it was good vibes all around.

Onto the "Drippy Lips"!

The Drippy Lips Mural is iconic in Nashville, so of course we had to stop there. Located at 1814 21st Avenue South it's not too much of a drive from 12th Ave. S. and totally worth it! Katie rocked it in front of the Drippy Lips, naturally.

another mural right down the street from drippy lips was too good to miss out on, and the results are absolute fire.

The heart of Downtown...

We finished out Katie's session right in the heart of downtown Nashville at the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge with the city backdrop and the sunset. We may have had to scramble for parking and wait forever to leave because, you know...Downtown, Saturday night...yeah. But I'd do it all again!